Want to make money from your blog by showing ads, Adsense is the best monetization tool that is available. I have already shared an article why you should use Google Adsense.

Getting AdSense approval is not an easy process, even if you already have AdSense account , the real problem occurs when google bans your account.

Most of the newbie blogger apply for the Adsense many times and they get disappointed after getting rejected. Adsense is not the only way to earn from the blog. There are many other alternatives to Adsense which publishers can use.

Reasons mentioned above will lead to finding the adsense alternatives.

Adsense Alternatives

All the alternatives mentioned below will not be better than google adsense, but depending upon your niche and traffic they might give you higher earning than google adsense.

Before you go for the Google Adsense alternative, find out the amount of traffic you are getting on your blog.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives



Chitika is CPC based program. You do not need any approval for using this ad network on your blog. All you need to do is to sign up, that means you can monetize your low traffic site with chitika. Chitika also gives you the functionality to edit the color and fonts that best suits your blog design. It also places the relevant ads based on your content which increases the chances of getting clicked.

Minimum payout with Chitika is 10$ by paypal.



BuySellAds is the marketplace to buy and sell the ad space on your blog. You will have to submit your blog to BuySellAds for it to get approved. Once you submit your blog to them, they will start gathering your blog stats , alexa rank etc.

Their primary requirement is that, you should have decent amount of traffic on your website. Once your account get approved, you need to make an area on your website and wait for the advertisers to bid.

Minimum payout with BuySellAds is 20$ by paypal.



InfoLinks is popular ad network for monetizing blogs between publishers. It is an In-Fold network that provides various types of ads like in-text, in-fold, in-tag and in-frame. Most popular being in-text ads, they work well with your blog look and feel.

However they do not offer any contextual ads like adsense but this ad network is highly recommended as an alternative. They convert certain keyword from your blog content into ads and you are paid for each click made on the ads.

Minimum payout with Infolinks is 50$ by paypal.



Viglink works differently than all the other ad networks. It is best suited for the blog linking out to e-commerce or business websites. It converts normal links into affiliate links and  you will make money from the affiliate sales.

Viglink will earn money if you have or have not  an outbound link to some e-commerce sites like amazon, Alibaba etc. If you do not have any outbound link to the e-commerce sites and you are using any product names like Mac pro, Viglink will convert these name into affiliate links and if someone purchase any product you will earn decent income.



Adversal is CTR based ad program similar to chitika but it has more Click through rate than chitika. If you want to apply for this ad network, you need to have monthly page views of 50000. Minimum payout of this ad network is 20 dollar, and the payments are made 35 days after the end of month. Payment mode by Adversal are PayPal, bank check and wire transfer.



Ayboll offers native advertisement for website and blogs and if you want to earn some extra income from your blog, then you should start using ayboll or any native advertisement ad network. Ads from ayboll can be placed anywhere on your blog, best suited around the content area.

Ayboll is CPA/Affiliate network, meaning once the click is made on the ads you will get paid. Payout by Ayboll is huge but they split every earning you made into 50/50.

Minimum payout is 100$ and paid by bank transfer or via Skrill.



Another contextual ads similar to Google Adsense, Media.net is powered by Yahoo and Bing and great way to boost your monthly revenue by monetizing your online content.

If you have quality blog, i.e. your site receives high traffic you can apply for Media.net and most likely your site will be approved in no time.

Minimum payout is 100$ via NEFT or bank check.



Superlinks is CPM based ad network that is good for the blog or website that have high monthly traffic more than 100,000 visitors. Superlinks provides multiple ad units links superexit ads , superdisplay ads etc. They are relatively new as compared to other networks and one the heavily growing networks.

Superlinks are easy to implement, you will have to select the type of ad unit i.e., superexit or anyother and create a campaign. Finally, submit your campaign to superlinks within 48 hours your request will be approved or rejected. Once approved you will receive the javascript code.

Minimum payout is 100$ via paypal or NEFT.



Bidvertiser is PPC advertising which creates bidding system, and allows highest bidder to advertise on blog. Bidvertiser works on pay per click basis, it will only pay for the visitors that actually clicks on the ads.

It takes some time to earn high revenue, as it depends upon the site availability with the highest bidder. Once your site gets the highest bidder, site owners can earn high income .

Minimum payout is 10$ via paypal.



RevenueHits is the Cost Per Acquisition  network that shows ads based on your site traffic, which will be easy to generate more income than the adsense.

RevenueHits might take time to get to know the readers of the site, so leave it for some days and look for the change that it brings in your earning. It offers a variety of ad Medias like banner ads, sliders, pop under that will generate earning on your site traffic basis. It is also Geographical Traget Ad Network i.e, it will show the ads of the same country from where readers are accessing the blog.

Minimum payout is 50 dollar via paypal.


All these are good alternatives to google adsense. If you are not getting adsense approval or your adsense is banned, the best way to cover the adsense earning is by using the combination of two ad networks.


  1. Another alternative : clicksor dot com

  2. Hi!
    Great list!
    At this point, after working with so many networks, I choose MarketAds.
    They have the best rates for CPM pop-under ads.
    You should check them out.

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