Google Analytics is a free tool offered by google to track your web traffic and generate reports for it .


Why Use Google Analytics ?

The reason why this is widely used as you can keep track of your website pages , which page is getting more traffic and which is getting not much . this will be helpful for improving your website and helps bring more traffic for your content which in turn will help to raise money from it , as more the people more the traffic so high will be your income from your site .

Getting Started with GA

Easier to setup as all you need is free Account . Once your gets setup you will be having one script which you will be copying to your webpage . After the script successfully added to your page analytics will start showing your web stats that will show how many people have visited your website and which page has the high view rate

I will explain every step here how to setup the google analytics .

The very first thing you will see when you go to Google Analytics page , is this asking you to sign up with your google account .

Signup google analytics

Go ahead click on the sign up you will see some information about

  • Account : It is the company name for which you are going to setup the analytics
  • Website :  Name of the website without https and .com .It is highly recommended to put the original name of the website not the virtual name
  • Website Url : Your website url write the complete address of your website
  • Category : select the category which best suits your website .

Complete everything and click the Get Tracking Id which will generate some unique no and script .


Tracking Id

Now you can either copy the script generated to every page of your website (if you are a developer and knows how to do it ) other you can use Google Tag Manager .

Once you use the any option . you are done with all your setup process and now can view your web stats .

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