Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free product offered by google to make the life of web developer easy .

What is Google Tag Manager ?



GTM is one manager to manage all your tag for website . Every website has a lots of javascript tags ,Google analytics tags ,advertisement tags and a lot more . If you are a developer you will know how to add the tag in website from the developer panel , but what if you are not a developer and thinking about making your website for your buisness or something then you need something for those tags to be added to website without making change to your theme that could not be easy thing for many people .

So what Google did they introduced TAG MANAGEMENT INTERFACE which is a web interface that proved helpful because you do not need to go to theme development to change the code . you can simply add or remove  the tag using GTM .

Introduction with GTM

Here is a brief introduction of GTM when google introduced GTM


Easiest way to manage your site tags (javascript social management , advertisement , google analytics .. ).Google also provides the full feature that are associated with GTM can be found here .

Let’s start with sign up  to the Google Tag Manager with your google account .You will need to know about

  • Account – Recommended to put your company name for which you are managing the tag
  • Container – Name of the website , for which you will be maintaining the tags . ex ampcast is my company name and ampcastonline is the website for which i am maintaining the tags.
  • Tags – Different tags for different purposes . for example you will be creating different tag for google analytics management and different for buysellads.
  • Rules  – This will give you more control over your site , by letting you choose where do you want to execute the tags i.e., on all pages or on single page .

If you are setting up for the first time you will be seeing like the below image.

Google Tag Manager

Click on create you will see the dashboard of GTM and top of it you will see the script containing the GTM id.Google Tag Manager Script


Now you have two options here . either copy this code to every page for managing your tag . or you can use some plugin if you are using wordpress , you can use DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager for WordPress and Use your GTM Id in the setting.

And you are done , you have successfully configured GTM for your website.

Using GTM

Once you have configured the GTM with your website , its time to put it to some work .

I will be explaining setting up Google Analytics with GTM. choose a new tag option from the GTM ,it will be showing some options .

Choose Product

select Google Analytics it will show you some details page . where you have to fill in the Tag Type , Configure tag and tracking type .

Create Tag with Analytics


Here tag id is the id that you generated in the Google Analytics page for your website . copy id from your page click create tag .

You will see the page that shows that tag is successfully created . now all you need to do is to click the publish button which will place the push the analytics code in your site .

All Done , you can now track your web stats .

Do let me know how did you feel by setting up your tag manager and if this post helped you don’t forget to share it on google plus and facebook.


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