Are you a regular blogger always looking for the better solution to check your spelling errors and proofreading?

Grammarly is the best tool that is available to you. You can use it online or add an extension to your google chrome. If you do not know what Grammarly is, you can check its review from many online forums. Grammarly gives you free default document to check how it works. You can also update your account from free to pro version anytime.


Feature of Grammarly

  • Free Grammarly

    1. Checks for your spelling mistakes.
    2. Checks for verb forms on words mistakes.
    3. It will always be active! On Blogger Editor, On Twitter  & On Facebook Status Updater too.
  • Premium Grammarly

    1. It gives you information about the words which are often used
    2. It tells about where you have forgotten to add s or es and where you have added useless s and es.
    3. It tells about how to make the sentences more readable.
    4. If you are an editor and reviews the articles you can also you the plagiarism check from the left pane.

How Grammarly helps you?

Grammarly is the advanced tool for checking your spelling errors and proofreading. It also integrates with everything you write online.
Its text-editor also has integration with WordPress, Facebook, twitter and email activities.

Grammarly Error

Grammarly also integrates with Microsoft word.  You need to click the New button to start Grammarly editor. You can either start typing in the editor or paste the content that you have already written in the Microsoft Word, to check for grammar mistakes.


Should we use Grammarly?

As bloggers and writers, we always try to write the perfect article, but there is always a good chance  that you  have made some errors while writing.
So, we need to get all the help we could get to enhance our spell-checking skills and proofreading skills.

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