what is Self Growable Excel Dropdown ?
The excel dropdown that grows after each entry you made to column having the values for dropdown.
These are generally used if you are not sure that how many values will be added to the dropdown. Also provides you the opportunity to not change the formula (which we will use to make the dropdown ) everytime you add something to the column containing dropdown values.

Step 1 Create values

Creating some values in one column of excel which we will use for dropdown .



Step 2 Format As Table

Select all the values that you have just entered and format them as table which is the essential for our formula to work.



Step 3 Table Name and Name Manager

Change your table name for your convenience and open the name manager that will show you the table that you have just created in step 2.

Capture15  Capture16


Step 4 Create Formula

Click new in the name manager modal that you opened in step 3 . if you notice that it has already selected the table name and column name for you . if that is not selected then you can do it on your own. Choose your formula name.



Step 5 Create Data Validation

Now choose the cell of the column that you want to show dropdown to and click data tab and go to the data validation tab choose list from it and press f3  or you can manually type any formula with equals (=) sign.


Done .Now go ahead and enter some random value in the column one (shown in pic) and see the end result in the dropdown.



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