Everyone wants to earn money online, if you are blogger than I am sure you heard about Google Adsense. Google Adsense is contextual marketing program, which allow you to earn money from your blog by displaying ads on your website. These advertisements are reviewed, sorted, and maintained by Google. They can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

Google adsense

Why Google Adsense?

There are many ads network available see Adsense Alternatives. You can not choose every network to display their ads on your blog, that will cover your blog with ads and your content quality will go low, so we need to choose the best ads program to make money from our blog.

Quick Start

Setting up your website with adsense is incredibly easy. If you have researched about  or joined  other ads network you know that some of them can go for long process ( some require personal phone call). In adsense all you need to do, is to register your website for adsense and your application goes to google for review.

Few Restrictions

Many other ad programs require some levels of site traffic or potential earning to make it into their program as well as having certain requirements on the sites that you use. With Adsense you have very few restrictions and that is good for the publishers like us, who wants to monetize the blog.

Optimization Tools

You will get great reporting tools, that you will need to maximize your earnings. Tools will show the depth reporting like places or countries from where your website got maximum hit. Ads on which user clicks regularly. Once you start understanding your tool you will maximize your earning.

Forum Support

Adsense has incredibly great forum. It also has lots of tutorial that will help you grow your adsense revenue. Unlike other ad programs, Adsense has high number of publishers (like us) and advertisers ( ads giving companies) to which publishers can communicate to clear their doubts.

One Account – Many Websites/Blogs

Unlike other advertisement programs, where you need to add each website manually, once your account get approved for every individual website, you can place ad on that website. However, you only need one adsense approved account for all your websites. Website that comply with adsense policy can easily be integrated with your existing adsense account.

Payout With Google

Probably the most important reason for choosing Google Adsense is their payouts. With high number of other ad network, the major problem which publishers faces is their payout delays or no payment. However, google adsense policy is transparent on the payments to their publishers and advertisers.


I am sure there are other ways to earn money online. use comment section below to let me know what made you choose the adsense network.

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